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May Be A Very Powerful Reliever of Hot Flashes & Libido Booster For Both Women & Men - The HRT Alternative That Is Sweeping The Planet Like No Other Herb! 

Find Out What Maca Is Used For?

Menopausal Symptoms: May Significantly reduces hot flashes, tender breasts, night sweats, sleeplessness, emotional upsets, vaginal dryness.
Osteoporosis: May Improve Considerable bone rebuilding, improvement in bone density.
Energy Booster: May Balance the endocrine system - thyroid, pituitary and adrenal glands.
Libido Booster: May Help Increase female and male libido
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: May Improve adrenal function
Menstrual Problems: May Help with painful periods, PMS, flooding and/or scant flow

Women using MACA report increased energy levels, increased ability to function under stress, increased libido and the elimination of hot flashes and night sweats.

The most recent study about MACA (Lepidium meyenii) was published in the April 2000 issue of Urology, the prestigious medical journal that first published the Viagra studies. This study scientifically demonstrated that Maca promotes libido, sexual potency and energy. In fact, the sexual activity of the test subjects nearly quadrupled after taking the herb for 21 days!

MACA balances and normalizes hormone levels and is an adaptogenic herb that works for both men and women. One clinical study published in the USA in an April, 2000 medical journal has demonstrated that Maca does indeed increase sexual activity and potency.

This herb encourages the body to produce healthy levels of whatever hormone is required to get the job done. So, if a man is experiencing the problems of declining testosterone or a lower sex drive - sometimes referred to as male menopause - Imperial Gold Maca™ enables his body increase its production of testosterone.

Women entering menopause often complain of a loss of sexual desire. This common complaint can be accompanied by vaginal dryness. Lubricants are messy and require preparation at a time of life when spontaneity and freedom should be increasing. Women using Imperial Gold Maca™ are always surprised by their rising libido. This result is related to their increasingly balanced levels of hormones. Imperial Gold Maca™ affects all hormone levels.

Herbal Alternative To HRT (Hormone Replacement Therapy)

Maca is a root-like vegetable shaped like a radish that grows high in the Andes mountains. The natives use it as both a food and medicine. Maca has found its way to the USA where many thousands of women are using it because of its unique ability to improve libido and stop hot flashes, night sweats and fatigue.

It is important to remember that Maca does not itself contain any hormones, but its action on the body jolts the pituitary gland into producing the precursor hormones which ultimately end up raising estrogen, progesterone and testosterone levels, as well as helping to balance the adrenal glands, the thyroid and the pancreas. This occurs naturally while increasing energy.

Imperial Gold Maca is A Very Potent Maca Root has been known to work by raising estrogen, progesterone and testosterone levels naturally as well as helping the adrenal glands to balance the thyroid and pancreas.

Maca has been used by Peruvians for countless centuries, from before the time of the Incas. Seldom does an herb used by native people for thousands of years come to our attention and it seems so important to health that we wonder how we ever got along without it before.

The pharmaceutical giant - American Home Products is devastated by the outcome of the Premarin® Study. What is Premarin(e)?

Premarine stands for Pregnant Mares' Urine (PREgnant MARes' urINE). Most women who thought they were safe from the negative impact of declining hormones during menopause were left to scramble for an answer to the health issues that accompany menopause: hot flashes, night sweats, fatigue, and heart disease.
(Health authorities in the USA will now require drugs containing estrogen to carry warning labels about heart attack, stroke, blood clots and breast cancer). Besides, who wants to take horse urine and increase their risk of cancer?

In 1997, a number of women began using a South American herb called Maca. Because this herb was sold only by two small companies that were run by women who had a strong interest in South American herbs, Maca never received the attention it was due, however Maca has quietly become the simple secret of tens of thousands of women.

Imperial Gold Maca™ eases the sudden menopausal drop-off of hormones down to a much slower decline thus preventing those uncomfortable symptoms of menopause.

Dr. Hugo Malispina, M.D., the Peruvian cardiologist who practices alternative medicine, believes the earlier the better when it comes to adding maca to a woman's diet, especially in the 40s prior to menopause.

Women experiencing the irregular menses associated with PMS and perimenopause are now taking Maca to reduce cramps, bleeding and fatigue. These beneficial effects accumulate with prolonged use of Imperial Gold Maca™.

Most women report a decrease in the symptoms associated with PMS. When menopause arrives the ovaries are atrophied and do not produce the estrogen and progesterone which the body requires minimally to function. For this reason, women should start with Maca before menopause. It seems to help the endocrine system to stay in balance.

What Doctors Say As Supporting Evidence for Maca

Gabriel Cousens, M.D., practicing internal medicine in Patagonia, Arizona, says, "Whenever possible, I prefer to use maca therapy rather than hormone replacement therapy because HRT actually ages the body diminishing the hormone by reducing the production capability of the glands. Maca has proven to be very effective with menopausal patients in eliminating hot flashes and depression. It also increases energy levels. Sometimes I have started the patient on maca treatment with three capsules a day. In some cases I have increased the dosage to six capsules a day for full effectiveness."

Dr. Malaspina, M.D., frequently prescribes Maca to women experiencing premenstrual discomfort or menopausal symptoms. "There are different medicinal plants that work on the ovaries by stimulating them," he says. "With Maca though, we should say that it regulates the ovarian function." Dr. Malaspina further notes that "Maca regulates the organs of internal secretion, such as the pituitary, the adrenal glands, and the pancreas. I have had perhaps two hundred female patients whose perimenopausal and menopausal symptoms are alleviated by taking Maca."

Henry Camponile, M.D., of St. Petersburg, Florida states that his first menopausal patient "started to feel better four days after she began taking Maca", and finds that it promotes energy unlike any other herb he has used.

Dr. John Lichtenstein, M.D. acupuncturist and Family Medicine practitioner, agrees that Maca is an herb that is of great benefit to women.

Dr. Richard H. Brown, M.D. author of the best selling book about alternative herbal treatments for depression, STOP DEPRESSION NOW, says that Maca holds great promise for the health and well-being of women.

It is normal for the initial number of capsules of Imperial Gold Maca™ required to eliminate hot flashes, increase energy or maintain a healthy state of hormonal balance to decrease with continued use. For example, a woman using a beginning amount of 6 - 8 capsules a day to eliminate hot flashes may find that after 3 weeks she only needs 3 - 5 capsules a day to achieve the same results.

IMPERIAL GOLD MACA™ 600mg 100 capsules   $19.89
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Is The Only Maca Product That Can Be Called
The Peruvian Miracle

100% Natural - Premium Potent Quality Guaranteed!

Imperial Gold is growing in world popularity due to its energizing effects, fertility enhancement and aphrodisiac qualities. Other traditional uses include increasing energy, stamina and endurance in athletes, promoting mental clarity, treating male impotence, and helping with menstrual irregularities and female hormonal imbalances including menopause and chronic fatigue syndrome. It is used as an alternative to anabolic steroids by bodybuilders due to its richness in sterols.

Today, dried Maca roots are ground to powder and sold in drug stores in capsules as a medicine and food supplement to increase stamina and fertility. In Peruvian herbal medicine, Maca is also used as an immuno-stimulant, for anemia, tuberculosis, menstrual disorders, menopause symptoms, stomach cancer, sterility and other reproductive and sexual disorders as well as to enhance memory. We highly recommend maca for anyone recovering from a debilitating illness. It is easily digested and its naturally high mineral and sterol content make it ideal for helping the body to regain weight and vitality. There have, for example, been many reports of it helping people who are recovering from chronic fatigue syndrome. Due to its sterol content, maca has also attracted the attention of many health-conscious athletes who wish to increase endurance, stamina and body mass in a safe and effective way. The increase is more gradual than that obtained through using banned substances such as anabolic steroids, but it is a natural weight gain that does not carry with it potential harm to the health. Another effect that has been noted by many people is that when taken regularly maca greatly increases the vitality of the body.

For additional support,We strongly urge clinicians and researchers in the United States, UK and Canada to further study Maca for the relief of menopause so more women can benefit from this herb. Here is a link to a wonderful site about this. www.Macaperu.com 

Additional Information

Estrogen and Progestin ( Prempro
® or Premarin® + Provera® Pros: Reduces hot flashes and vaginal dryness. May slow bone loss in some women. Cons: Causes breakthrough bleeding, mood swings, fluid retention. Significantly increases risk of breast and uterine cancer. Selective Estrogen Reuptake Modulators (SERMs, notably Evista® Pros: Unlike older HRT drugs, SERMs do not seem to boost risk of breast cancer. Cons: Increases hot flashes, boosts risk for serious blood clots in the legs, lungs or eyes, especially for sedentary women. Can cause severe leg cramps. Estrogen Used Vaginally (Vagifem®, Estring®, Estrace® Pros: Reduces vaginal dryness. Cons: Has no effect on hot flashes. Headache, abdominal pain and vaginal pain / irritation have been reported. Estrogen Patches ( Estracomb®, Vivelle® Pros: Convenient drug delivery through skin patch. Reduces hot flashes and vaginal dryness. Cons: Can cause skin irritation at the patch site. May cause nausea and vomiting. Other side effects are similar to those from HRT pills: breakthrough bleeding, fluid retention and mood swings.

Vaginal Dryness

For additional help with vaginal dryness, you may consider that as you get older, many only think of sex as penile-vaginal intercourse. Sex can be any method used to promote physical pleasure and/or orgasm, including oral or manual stimulation. Oral stimulation, for at least 30 minutes can help lubricate the vagina and ease any discomfort. Soy products can help eliminate vaginal dryness in many women. Place a Vitamin E gel capsule in the vagina. It will naturally dissolve and lubricate the vagina. Aloe Vera Gel is helpful to soothe and lubricate a dry vagina. Apply inside the lips and up into the vagina.






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