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Affiliate Program Q&A


About The Program

Join the A Healthy Alternative, LLC, Affiliate Program and generate extra income by selling our Vitamin Power vitamins, minerals and herbs and our exclusive Imperial Gold Maca™ which is a proven remedy and a way for men and women to overcome the symptoms of menopause, fatigue and other associated symptoms associated with a body aging.. It is also widely used for slow libido, male menopause, erectile dysfunction and sexual enhancement. No one else on the internet is selling Imperial Gold Maca™. Join now, and get in on the ground floor and grow with us! Thousands of men and women love our products...

There are two ways to earn commissions with our program. One way is by displaying our link on your site or in your email and referring visitors who make a purchase. The other way is to sell offline to others in your organization or businesses in your local community. Our program gives you the opportunity to be more actively involved in what you can earn.

Women & Men Love Our Product!

Imperial Gold Maca™ is an inexpensive way for women to over come suffering from menopause symptoms. Women are constantly searching the internet for herbal methods to stop the suffering associated with menopause and perimenopause. Imperial Gold Maca™  has successfully proven to stop hot flashes, night sweats, mood swings, and has been very effectively without any known side effects. This product has become very well respected and is the most effective herb to date to balance hormones naturally. What a great way to attract attention to your website. Women users absolutely love Imperial Gold Maca™, With the age of baby boomers, your market place is huge!  Imperial Gold Maca™, is made of 100% pure organic Lepidium peruvianum Chacon and is guaranteed to be the correct species of plant. A Healthy Alternative, LLC "is exactly what the name says!" With more than 300 hundred healthy choices to choose from.

Learn more about 
Imperial Gold Maca™ http://www.imperialgoldmaca.com


What You Can Earn

Our two-tier system pays a commission rate of 10% for each sale you refer and 5% on all sales made through a sub-affiliate link. The more people that sign up under you, the more money you can earn.

We mail checks by the 10th of every month when you have accumulated just $25.00 in referral fees.

Our Program Helps People!

Although there is no cost to join our program, we encourage our associates to purchase a webdecal and enjoy the benefits of low cost offline advertising. Here is where it gets interesting. Placing a link on your site is the way all affiliate programs work including Webdecal.com. However, by putting a webdecal on your car you are doubling your advertising effort.

Advertising your site with a webdecal will increase visitors to your site and the more visitors you get, the more click through sales you will also get. You are doubling your affiliate advertising efforts as well as advertising your own website. It's a win-win situation. You'll quickly recover the original low cost of your webdecal.

Webdecals are great conversation starters. People want to know what they are and how they can get one.

To Get Started Is Simple

Our program is very simple to join and participate in. Read the information provided In the links above and fill out the online application form. Then post our link (text or banner) on your site and you will be in business in minutes. We provide you with a special URL to check your statistics in real time.

We Will Do All The Rest

  • We take the orders on our website using our proven software and powerful servers.
  • We manufacture, package and ship the webdecals.
  • We handle all finances with the customer.
  • We handle all customer service.

All you do is link to us and get paid for every webdecal sold through your site.

Click on the links above to read through this site. Be sure to read our Affiliate Agreement before you sign up.

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