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One frequent illness found in children from developing countries is malnutrition. In relation to this, Dr. Gloria Chacon and Dr. Jorge Aguila Calderon, in the National Course of Maca II, Huancayo, 3-5 of December 1998 demonstrated: “In the beginning of 1997 we had carried out observations in a span of one month, to children of 1 to 6 years of age; giving them small doses of MACA root in boiled extract form or micro pulverized, obtaining excellent results. This way we have been able to observe that in a short period of time and in small quantities, MACA can improve the state of anemia, and the regulation of hours of sleep in most delicate cases. Following observations of one month after the use of MACA, results have shown a clear recuperation in children with low levels of hemoglobin.”

Peruvian Child With With Fresh Sun Dried  Maca Root


The use of MACA as a nutritional supplement varies according to the age and nutrition of the individual. For example, a boy of 1 to 2 years of age needed 3 grams of MACA extract daily, to raise his hemoglobin of 11.8g/100ml before the treatment to 12.6g/100ml after 30 days, also improving the count of red blood cells, and strengthening his defense against Leukocytes. The daily dosage was carried out before lunch, but one can vary the time of intake, you can take MACA in the morning with milk, or during lunch with juices. The MACA root should not be taken with soups or salty foods because the table salt together with the salt which is contained in the MACA will alter the chemical composition of the soup giving it a bitter taste. In Valerie’s case (3 years old), she showed anemia with 10.4g/100ml of hemoglobin, and 3’020.000 c/ml of red blood cells, slept 15 hours a day and did not have an appetite. One year prior to that, she suffered an inflammation in the lymph nodes, she was extremely malnourished, traveled to Huancayo and recovered, but once again did not want to eat and felt very sleepy or drowsy. She was given 1gram of micro pulverized MACA daily before lunch for one month. Blood analysis was done and there was an increase in her red blood cells to 4`128. 000 c/ml, and her hemoglobin went up from 10.4 grams to 13.5 gr/100ml; that is to say that in one month it went up more than 3 gr/100ml of blood.

According to Dr. Chacon, it is necessary to emphasize the action of the alkaloids, which are proteins, and iron of the MACA that can be utilized to combat anemia and act as stimulants for the formation of red blood cells. They could equally be used to fight infirmities like leukemia.

MACA is also recommended to aid with respiratory infirmities, and rheumatism. Another great thing about MACA is that it is an "adaptogen", meaning that it works in harmony with the body, regardless of your age or sex.


The daily administration of 3 grams of MACA for kids one year and a half years old, and 1 gram of micro pulverized MACA for kids 3 years of age who contain low levels of hemoglobin, for a period of one month has been sufficient to compliment the need of macro and micronutrients (Dr. Gloria Chacon de Popovici, 1998) for the recovery and maintenance of the state of health and the productive capacity of kids. This scientific discovery gives us the guidelines for the doses that should be used in the present and future. Because of MACA's nutritional values, it should be introduced to daily diets as a food complement.

This study has been carried out due to the collaboration of Dr. Hugo Vizcarra, who reviewed the hematological exams made by Dr. Gloria Chacon de Popovici, and provided her with the Clinical Analysis Laboratory to carry out the hematological analysis. Additional thanks goes to Ms. Maria, Laboratory Technician, Geological Engineer Oscar Palacios, Institute Director of INGEMMET of Geology, Chemical Engineer Rufo Paredes Pacheco, Laboratory Director of INGEMMET, and also his assistants: Maria Jara, Chemical Analysist, Maritza Rodriguez, Bachelor in Chemical Engineering, and Technicians Marcial Neto and Wimper Bazan, for their valuable cooperation in the chemical analysis of the MACA root.

This study has been conducted with Dr. Chacon's individual resources.

This information can be found in: The Nutritional Value of MACA in Anemic Kids due to Malnutrition, Dr Gloria Chacon de Popovici, and Dr. Jorge Aguila Calderon; National Course of MACA II, Huancayo, Dec.3-Dec.5, 1998.

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