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Certified Organic, Certified Kosher, Certified Vegan

Sold To Satisfied Customers in More Than 40 Countries


  Disinfection  Dehydration  Milling  Distribution

We start with the finest Certified Organic Maca crops in the Junin region at altitudes above 13,500 ft of sea level that have been certified by Control Union Peru (Formally SKAL). as organic.  We Use Lepidium peruvianum Chacon plant species for best taste and potency. It is the only species that has more than 43 years of documented research.

The selected hand picked product is put under an extensive and exhaustive washing process to eliminating remainders of the agricultural products such as dust and animal manure etc.

Process cutting which allows for making  different sizes and types of cut's in natural products according to the clients needs and necessities. This facility also produces Cats Claw and many other herbs from Peru.

The Gelatinization process is a thermal and high pressure process in which takes place in the deployment and rupture of Starch chains of a natural product increasing the degree of digestibility and bioavailability of the active principles of the product.
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The final product is packed in a sterile environment in polyethylene bags of high density that assure the good conservation of the product. The final presentations are usually made into 1,5,10,20 and 25 kilos double sealed bags and labeled with the official Imperial Gold Maca™ label attached assuring quality and potency.

This process allows for us to pick and select only finest quality raw yellow golden root materials that then enter into the production process for Imperial Gold Maca™ products. Discarding maca roots that do not fulfill quality standards that our customers expect. Dark and multi colored roots are set aside and can be used for tea products, candies and commercial grade products.

This process guarantee the elimination of any bacterial agent that can be harmful to health. For this process we use biodegradable products that are 100% Organic in order to maintain the integrity of the Imperial Gold Maca™. See Certification

Thermal Process which the product is put through to reach the humidity levels required for its direct use and for later pulverization into powder form. This process maintains intact the nutritional and medicinal physical properties of the finished product for optimum benefit.

In this stage of the production flow, the natural product is pulverized obtaining the size of a particle ideally needed  according to the requirements of our wholesale customers around the world.
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The finished packed product is prepared in a special environment designed to ideal temperature levels and conditions and waiting for its immediate transfer to our many customers around the world. Imperial Gold Maca is sold in more than 35 countries.

All our manufacturing activities respectfully comply with local and international legislation and Good Manufacturing Practices.
see certification  gelatinized certification

• Our products do not contain Genetically Modified Organisms
• Our products are 100% certified organic.
• Our products do not contain gluten or additives and are Vegan safe.

We are at your disposal to answer to all your requirements and provide detailed information concerning the specific characteristics of each one of our products.  ahealthya@aol.com  macawholesale@aol.com macafromperu@aol.com   imperialgoldmaca@aol.com