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I started taking Imperial Gold Maca™ at a time when I felt emotionally low, physically drained, at a sexual all time low! The first thing I noticed was that I started to get sexual feelings back. After being largely uninterested in sex I began to have stirrings of interest. Then I started to get not only firmer erections, but bigger and longer erections.  I also felt more relaxed and buoyant, and more optimistic. These effects continued for a few months after I stopped taking Imperial Gold Maca™, but now I notice that it has died off a little.  Comparing now and a few months ago I can definitely see the positive effects of Imperial Gold Maca™ and that is why I have decided to start taking it again. David B., Izumi City, Japan

Oh my goodness where do I begin, How about here :) I suffer from fibromyalgia which causes me a great deal of pain, fatigue and depression. I was searching the Web one night for help and I came across the Imperial Gold Maca™ site. I thought could this be just another false hope. But there was so much research done on this product I had to give it a try.

Well let me tell you in all honesty about four days after starting Imperial Gold Maca™ I had energy. Then about a week later my pain lessened so much and following that my mood had elevated. No more mood swings! No more fatigue! No more chronic pain!

I had been on Imperial Gold Maca™ for about 8 months .Here's the proof it really works for your readers .I was feeling so good I thought "hey I'm cured ":) I don't need to order my Imperial Gold Maca™ any more . I'm fine I feel great :) .... Uh oh... two weeks went by and the pain, fatigue, and depression (mood swings) came back :( Wow was I in trouble ...So I re-ordered my life-saver Imperial Gold Maca™ and the great news is I'M BACK !!! Thank you so Much !!! Heidi P. NJ

I have been taking Imperial Gold Maca™ root for a year and when I first started, I was taking Armour thyroid and was about 20 lbs overweight. I had fibroid tumors and I was having heavy bleeding and almost having a continual period.
 I started out taking a heaping tablespoon of the imperial gold maca root twice a day and just after a couple of days, I noticed a boost in my energy. My next cycle was 32 days and after that, I have not had a period since!  I am almost 54 years old, therefore I AM HAPPY ABOUT THAT! I have been dreaming of this for a long time but was almost ready to give in to surgery because of the heavy bleeding. It is my understanding that this natural food helps your pituitary gland to function properly causing all of your hormones to become balanced, and it heals fiboid tumors!

After a couple of  weeks of taking the Imperial Gold Maca™, I started getting extremely hot and I had to keep cutting back on my thyroid medication, I also noticed that I started dropping the weight very easily too!!! The Imperial Gold Maca™ has a calming effect on me and I do not crave the junk food like I did before. Imperial Gold Maca™ being an adaptogen food helps relieve stress. My body use to be more pear shaped with saddle bag thighs and now I am as shapely as I was before I had my three children!  I am off the thyroid medication, my sex drive has become more heightened and I am more easily aroused, thus making sex more than enjoyable. It has been a year now and I have great simplicity in maintaining my weight. I now take one tablespoon a day for 6 days and skip one day a week. I have more energy than I have had in years and am enjoying all of the benefits that I did when I was in my thirties!  

My husband is taking it, my friends are taking it and we ALL have had great success with it!  I do believe that God answered my prayers in leading me to this amazing food!    Patty F., Patducah, KY

Thank you so much, Imperial Gold Maca™ helped to conceive naturally when conventional fertility treatments failed. I now have a happy & healthy baby. Rachel. W, United Kingdom

I would like to share a few wonderful changes I've noticed since I began using Imperial Gold Maca™ in Nov 04. I am 56-yr young woman well past menopause. I use 1 Tsp of the Gelatinized Imperial Gold Maca™ powder in a goat milk protein drink each day (in the daytime).

1) The first day of using it, within the first few hours, I noticed a distinct increase in energy. Impressed I continued every day continuing to feel quite good. 2) Within a week or two I noticed my stamina at work did not fade as usual at 3-4 pm, but continued in a even manner throughout the day. 3)  I had been taking melatonin for 13 years as my ability to sleep through the night diminished awfully during pre and perimenopause. I tried a few products (no prescription drugs) and melatonin worked the best. After taking the Imperial Gold Maca™ for approximately 4-6weeks I just happened to go to bed without melatonin and remembered sleeping well the next morning. Then I tested it again, night after night without melatonin, and the same thing occurred -- I slept through.  If I do get up to use the bathroom I am always able to get right back to sleep. For the past six months I've needed no sleep aid.

These are the symptoms I am aware of.  I trust your Gelatinized Imperial Gold Maca™ is doing even more wonderful things inside that I am not aware of!  Wendy M., Basking Ridge, N.J.

I've been taking Maca since visiting Peru for the first time in 2003. I bought it due to the high pressure lifestyle that I live. I was beginning to feel fatigued in mid 2004 when I placed my order through Imperial Gold Maca™ for the first time. Taking 4 capsules a day I was able to stay energized despite the fact that I had a growing tumor in my colon that was secreting blood out of my body without me noticing. I was functioning normally for months although I noticed myself becoming pale and had to rely on Imperial Gold Maca™ to function my daily routine.

In February of 2005 I had a colonoscopy that detected the tumor. The doctor was amazed that I passed a treadmill test although my hemoglobin count was half of what it should be normally. I attribute my stamina and energy to Imperial Gold Maca™. I since had surgery to remove the tumor. My blood levels are back to normal. I exercise everyday and I am in better shape today than I've been in the last 5 years. At fifty, I'm in better shape that most 30 year olds. Imperial Gold Maca™ is part of my daily nutrition and always will be.  Alfredo S., San Ramon, CA 

I've taken Imperial Gold Maca™  for about 2 years and love it. It helps a lot in the sexual area and also the following. I work in the engineering field, on computers most of the time, and tend to go "brain dead" late in the day. Maca stopped that instantly. My brain doesn't get tired anymore and that has several values to me. I am sharper at work, suffer less and can stay alert for the drive home after work. Looking into your distributorship offer. Rich Warren (age 61)

I recently began to take Imperial Gold Maca™ Powder for my thyroid disorder and notice a remarkable difference in a short period of time. I am presently taking a tablespoon - twice daily in orange juice. I can feel the excess weight diminishing and I'm more flexible and not as stiff. This is my second order of Imperial Gold Maca Powder. Annabel C., Washington, DC

Imperial Gold Maca™  has improved my overall performance in work, sex and brain activity . I feel much better after the first two weeks taking just two capsules a day. It's really a wonderful herb and I recommend it strongly to everyone, even in good health conditions!  Luiz Claudio Veloso, Nogueira, Brazil

Not wanting to take estrogens I've been looking for something to alleviate my hot flashes. I had very few other symptoms of menopause, but I was having more and more flashes and they were getting more intense (probably 20 a day, and most of these at night). There wasn't any "root" that I didn't try, and none made any difference. While looking on the internet I came across the Imperial Gold Maca. The first week there wasn't much change even though I thought there might have been a trace amount. But as the weeks went by I was having fewer and fewer hot flashes. Now (about 6 bottles later) I'm down to just a few a night and they really don't always wake me up. What a difference. This is no bull, it really worked for me and these flashes have almost stopped after 6-7 years of misery. Catherine L., Taos, New Mexico.

I have noticed a significant level of more balanced energy, stamina & endurance markedly during cardio vascular workouts using MACA. Dr. Mark Smith, M.D., West Point, New York

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the prompt delivery of my order and to let you know that the product is working very well for me, I have been using Imperial Gold Maca™ capsules for the last four weeks now and feel that I can safely recommend them to anyone. Up till recently I had been taking Viagra but find once the Maca is in your system it is just as affective and more convenient to take with a lot less concerns for side affects, once more thanking you for you're prompt service. 
Sincerely yours, John P., UK, England

Recently I purchased your Imperial Gold Maca™ and felt compelled to write to let you know the results of it's "field test". I live in the Rockies and each day hike 6 to 8 miles at 10,000 to 12,000 feet above sea level. Wind chill factors at these altitudes during the Winter months can be brutal and often range from 0 to -20 below Before trying Imperial Gold Maca I would feel exhausted both during and after the trek. Now, only after a week of use, your Maca has proven itself to be everything you said it would be! Both stamina and endurance have improved so dramatically that neither fatigue or exhaustion are of any significant consequence. Many, many thanks and after a brief trial run with your product, I immediately placed a substantial order for a bulk of your Imperial Gold Maca. It's a great product and am referring it to all my friends. Again, many thanks.  J. B. Dulling, Colorado Springs, CO

I want to express my sincere appreciation for Imperial Gold Maca™ as it has given me my life back.  I suffer from an endocrine system imbalance which causes me a great deal of Fibromyalgia type muscle pain, depression, loss of my hair, and extreme fatigue. After taking Maca for several months I feel much better and can enjoy life again.  The muscle pain, fatigue and depression are greatly reduced and I feel much like my old self.  Marilyn E., Tarentum, PA.

 I got your shipment of Imperial Gold Maca™ and this is the third day I have been on it. Today I am already noticing a difference and am feeling better.  Ruth from Honolulu, Hawaii.

Thanks a million for such prompt service. Only 4 days and I already see a difference! 
Jane P. Ahooskie, North Carolina.

Imperial Gold Maca™ started helping me, making me stronger within a day and continuing through the next week steadily. My energy levels are very high since I started using it 2 weeks ago. Also, hot flashes which were getting worse, no matter what I used-- black cohosh, soy, phytoestrogens-- were more contained and less frequent once I started using Maca only. When I reintroduced using progesterone cream on my body at night before bed to my pattern of taking Maca 2x/day, that combination eliminated the hot flashes altogether. Thank you!!! I feel like myself again!  Suzanne M., Soquel, CA

I was at my wit's end - I was impossible to live with, how I still have a husband remains a mystery!!! My mood swings were unbearable, my emotional breakdowns were draining me, the headaches, weight gain, total loss of libido - heck, what kept my husband here? All the doctors here could offer me was Prozac as an anti depressant. Then I saw your web site and hope was re-kindled. I sent for my first bottle of Imperial Gold Maca™, but was a little skeptical about the proclaimed immediate benefits - how wrong I was! I have only been taking it for just over a week but I have just ordered another three bottles. My life is back again. My husband thinks it's Christmas and ten years birthdays all rolled into one! I'm feeling alive again and actually beginning to like my body again. Thank you so much for confirming my belief that there is always an alternative and natural remedy for most ailments. Jill B., Norwich, England

"I am a forty-two year old female and have been using Imperial Gold Maca for about 6 months.  I am very impressed with the results.  I had been having many perimenopause symptoms including irritability, depression, lack of energy, etc.  My menstrual cycle had started to become irregular also.  After using Imperial Gold Maca™, two capsules before breakfast and two before lunch I started noticing a difference after about two weeks.  I felt more energetic and much more like my old self.  My cycles became more regular and my PMS symptoms are much more manageable.  When my husband ran out of his daily supplement of Ginko, I substituted Maca for it without telling him.  A few weeks later he told me he felt much better physically and our love life was like it was twenty years ago!  I told him about the Imperial Gold Maca I had been giving him and he was sold on it.  Now he's telling all his friends about it and I'm directing them to you to order some and try it for themselves. Thanks for such a great product!"  Jill P., Tallahassee, Florida

"Caring people have a wonderful way of making a difference in the lives they touch. Thank you so much for Imperial Gold Maca™"  Barbara F., West Point, New York.

"Since I've gone through menopause it's been difficult to have an orgasm, but I can now attain that since talking the MACA. I feel like being sexual again!" Ann B., Monett, Montana.

"I heard about Imperial Gold Maca™ and can't believe the change's it's made in my life, more energy, stamina, & alertness. I am so happy that I found this terrific herb product " Sheldon B., Kew Gardens, New York.

I am writing to tell you that since I have been taking the Imperial Gold Maca™, for about a week, I feel like I have my life back! I noticed the difference in only a couple of days. I have been telling everyone I know about it....particularly, my women friends. I can't imagine life anymore without it! I'm 47, in fairly good physical shape and basically healthy. I'm happily married and we have 4 sons I have struggled with fatigue and the ups and downs of PMS for years. I only wish I had found Imperial Gold Maca™ a long time ago. Now I'm enjoying each day to the fullest. I'm happy, confident and can't wait to start riding my bicycle....something that I just have not been motivated enough to do. I may even put my roller blades on. Oh, and I also have struggled with IBS, suffering with terrible stomach pains with mostly everything I ate. I actually have an appetite now and enjoy eating the healthy foods that I know I should be eating. Well, as you can see, I am one happy and pleased customer! Thank you so much for corresponding with me. Cheers!  Jo-Ann H. Stratford, Connecticut

"No more hot flashes, depression or pain! Thanks a lot. I am reordering " Bobbie M. Rockingham, North Carolina.

"Energy levels have increased immensely in a very short period of time. Thank you!" Judy M. Melbourne, Australia.

"I love Imperial Gold Maca™. I had been having hot flashes & other menopausal symptoms so my Dr. put me on HRT. I hated it & stopped taking the RX - I don't like taking medication and I hated the side effects. 
I looked up menopause on the internet & that's how I learned about Imperial Gold Maca. I ordered it and think it's the greatest thing I've found for the female world. I went to a local herb shop to inquire if they carried the "
Imperial Gold Maca™". They didn't - just MACA. I decided to stay w/your product. Anyway, she ask why I was taking Imperial Gold Maca™ . . . she only sold it to MEN. She was quite astonished when I told her that I had been taking the supplement & how much it had helped me with menopausal symptoms. . NO MORE HOT FLASHES & I'm actually sleeping and absolutely NO SIDE EFFECTS! I have been your best advertisement. . . . my girlfriends (& their boyfriends) have been using Imperial Gold Maca™ now for 2 months and agree with me that's it's the BEST. I've even had the boyfriends to thank me for telling the girls about Imperial Gold Maca™ - this root is wonderful! It controls mood swings, hot flashes, "skin crawling", peaceful sleep, and so many other symptoms associated with menopause. I am just so thankful that I learned about your product!"   Anne W. York, South Carolina

"It amazes me how well it really works. But what is even more amazing to me is the fact that after practicing as an Obs/Gyn Health care clinician as a Nurse Practitioner and Midwife that I had never heard of such an incredible product. I really wish there was more medical literature on the product but regardless, I will whole-heartedly recommend this to all my midwifery, nurse practitioner and physician colleagues. Thanks and thanks again" - Susan G., Oceanside, N.Y.

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