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Our Principles

AHA was not founded on a whim. At the core of the business concept was the fact that this company would simply do things right. AHA's founding principles include: 

Honesty and Integrity 

We will do our very best to infuse honesty and integrity into every business relationship.

Fair Treatment of All Individuals

Distributors, Employees,and Vendors will be treated fairly. We will avoid making deals with onethat we are not willing to offer to all.

Strong Leadership
We may make mistakes along the way, and when we do we will correct them as quickly as possible.
Commitment to Honorable, Frugal Business Practices

This will allow the opportunity to exist far beyond our current reach. 

Commitment to Offering the Finest Distributor Support of any Company

Valuable input comes from many different places, we recognize the importance of keeping an open mind and a thankful attitude.

Hard Work

We believe that there is wisdom in the old saying. The harder I work, the luckier I get. Good, honest hard work will be one of the key ingredients for our success. 


We understand that the product we offer was made by God, not us. We gratefully approach the task of bringing this product to people everywhere. 

"AHA will embrace all principles of personal and business conduct that will make it a company
worthy of trust."