Iodine Why You Need It, Why You Can't Live Without It!
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Extra Strength Formula 2% – The Highest Potency Available Anywhere

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Royal Atomic Energized Iodine™ becomes like electricity…in the body when it is raised to the excited state by passing a 30 amp charge through the solution in a discharging wet battery.  This form of iodine in this excited state energizes the body first by being absorbed into the thyroid gland which almost immediately gets the other glands functioning properly.

The thyroid controls the rate of metabolism which dictates the energy level of the body and controls the rate of burning calories which can assist in maintaining a proper body weight.  Also, the thyroid through the hormones T3 and T4 are responsible for healthy hair, nails and skin.  Hypothyroidism is directly linked to iodine deficiency and can cause sluggish bodily functioning including mental clarity. Thyroid disease when there’s not enough iodine to bind with cell membranes, it allows enzymes called peroxidases to wreak havoc and cause autoimmune diseases.

Royal Atomic Energized Iodine™  
Can Help Strengthen the Immune System


Royal Atomic Energized Iodine may help strengthen the immune system; even help curtail invader type cells like parasites, bacteria, viruses, cancer cells, etc.  Countries like Japan have very low incidence of cancer because of their high intake of iodine use through fish, seafood and sea-vegetables.  Also, soils that are rich in iodine due to decomposition of seaweeds.  Areas inland often experience iodine deficiencies, which are not solved by iodized salt alone.  Now, with the link between salt and high blood pressure the health conscious individual gets even less iodine for fear of its use.

Royal Atomic Energized Iodine is very useful in water purification in the numerous areas where water is unsafe to drink.  It has external healing properties as well for cuts, sores, abrasions by virtue of its anti-bacterial nature.  It has shown excellent results against the malaria parasite which is very difficult to destroy.  But, the key is that we observed that products marketed as iodine supplements were really too poisonous to be used in the necessary amounts to get sufficient results without severe side effects.  Edgar Cayce worked with the Indian, Dr. Bisey in trying to perfect iodine which was almost non-toxic.  He said electrify itto take the poison out”. Royal Atomic Energized Iodineis completely detoxified and safe to consume for  men and women!

During the 1930s when Edgar Cayce (pronounced Casey), is known as one of America's greatest psychics.) recommended the detoxified iodine made by Dr. Bisey, (which he named Atomodine) based on Cayce’s exact instructions on the electrification process, Cayce recommended Atomic Iodine or Atomidine 4400 times during his life. Mr. Cayce stated that there are only four elements which the body cannot manufacture for itself: Water, Salt, Soda, and Iodine. 

After Dr. Bisey died, iodine supplements like iodine tri-chloride which is listed as a poison on MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheets), and produces severe heart palpitations at low doses even when “charged” have puzzled Cayce followers.  After much research of the Cayce readings, we realized that the “iodine” solution” to detoxify was pure iodine in alcohol.  In 2000, for the first time in 60 years, iodine crystals, a poison itself, was electrically charged under the right conditions and yielded a superior product that was almost non-toxic.  We have sold thousands of bottles without incident of side effects using our proprietary methods. Iodine quickly kills a broad range of microorganisms. In laboratory tests, iodine destroys many microorganisms and viruses within 3-5 minutes. How it kills is not exactly understood, but it rapidly penetrates cell walls, stops or interferes with protein syntheses, and reacts with cell membranes and membrane bound structures.

Most physicians and surgeons view iodine from a very narrow perspective. It is an antiseptic that disinfects drinking water and prevents surgical wound infections, and the thyroid gland needs it to make thyroid hormones – and basically that’s it. However over the last ten years more and more physicians interested in natural cures are realizing that Iodine has far greater benefits then originally thought and dozens are now speaking up about the benefits of its use. While of course they mostly have different opinions on how it should be used, most agree that it is very beneficial. A Google® search for doctors that promote iodine use can easily be found.

DANGER ALERT: Betadine and "tincture of iodine" are not the same thing. Tincture of iodine is NOT safe to use. Never use Tincture of iodine in any temporary type piercing. Tincture of Iodine is poisonous in its natural state. It dangerously inflames mucus membranes and if put on a wound or body piercing can result in a toxic level of iodine absorption into the body.

Iodine Why You Need It, Why You Can't Live Without It!

History was changed when an Edgar Cayce treasure of science that lay dormant for over 60 years was found.  Now with even better control of amperage and temperature and charging duration, the product which we call Royal Atomic Energized Iodine™ is as near to perfect in its properties as we can expect.  So, instead of 1% we made our pharmaceutical standard of 2% tincture in a proprietary method, as our way of expressing our level of confidence in the virtually non-toxic product that is far more superior to the majority of iodine products on the market. We start with the USP Iodine derived from Natural Deep Sea Seaweed (Japan) and Kelp The user is concerned with only two things, RESULTS and CHANGE of health for the better. The iodine energized to a higher level and at which the nascent iodine reaction occurs. The reaction in the nascent state releases a burst of energy. This same reaction occurs when the thyroid produces T3 & T4 hormones. Royal Atomic Energized Iodine™ is completely detoxified and very safe to use for men and women.

Because of its influence on the thyroid's activities, iodine therefore may play a great role in the basic metabolism processes and levels in the body for men and women. It helps in overseeing that the body efficiently burns calories thus preventing excess calories from being stored as excess fats. It has a role in maintaining the energy level of the body and in helping the skin, teeth, nails and hair to he strong and healthy. Iodine also plays a big role in destroying toxins in the body and also helps the system in utilizing both the mineral calcium and silicone

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Extra Strength Formula 2% – The Highest Potency Available Anywhere

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Suggested Usage/Directions: Royal Atomic Energized Iodine™ ˝ oz bottle 3-6 drops in 4 to 6 oz water every other day for two weeks on and two off. Recommended,: 8am to 12 noon on an empty stomach or 30 minutes before or 1 hour after meals, medications and/or supplements. Taking it after 4 PM could raise your energy levels and leave you not being able to sleep at night.*

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