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The # 1 Most Effective Natural Herb Product World Wide !100% Organic Premium Quality Maca Root
Sold To Customers In More Than 40 Countries

Find Out What Maca Is Used For?

Maca For Men: May Help for Energy, Stamina, Athletic Performance, Impotence, Fertility Enhancement, Aphrodisiac Qualities, Male Menopause, Erectile Dysfunction, Hormone Balancing and Increased Testosterone Levels. 

Sex-enhancing supplements for men are sold throughout the world. But there are many questions about these compounds. Do they really work? Are they equally effective for men and women? Do they have any side effects that one should be concerned about?

The recent fixation on the new potency pill Viagra® emphasizes how central the role of sex is in our lives. Less noticed, but equally important, is the increased scrutiny of alternative and safer, natural herbs that also demonstrate aphrodisiac properties. 

An article in Nature magazine called "How Desire Dies", discusses how frequently prescribed drugs, such as beta-blockers and anti-depressants cause sexual dysfunction. In addition to those medications the use of sedatives, tranquilizers and alcoholic beverages can cause a loss of sexual function. 

Men in other countries, such as China, South America and Africa cannot afford medical care and medicines. These underdeveloped countries have become interesting to health care professionals in the United States for many reasons. One reason is that the peoples from these countries have learned to use their food, and herbs as their medicine. In the Peruvian Andes mountains men remain able bodied and productive well into their 80's. They remain robust and are able to celebrate their ability to maintain sexual relationships with women even at that ripe old age. These men suffer far less from heart disease and prostate cancer than men in the United States. They have learned that using the herb called Maca (Lepidium peruvianum Chacon) increases their strength and vitality and allows them to perform sexually throughout their lives. Maca has been widely known throughout South America to enhance male and female libido and stamina naturally and has become the most effective herbal aphrodisiac world wide. 

Multi vitamins are very beneficial to take, and improve overall well being and enhance general health. Available for the first time is a formula of maca root, horny goat weed and maximum strength multi-vitamins all in one tablet. See Maca Root - Horny Goat Weed.

The latest findings on Maca confirm its broad tonic action on conditions of fatigue and stress-related sexual-dysfunction. Maca is not an artificial stimulant and does not contain hormones. Men report increased vitality within a short period of time, while the full effects build over several weeks. Products such as Imperial Gold Maca comes with a 100% money back guarantee. Following label instruction will help assure maximum results. ORDER MACA NOW

Male impotence is very common today. Thousands of web surfers on a daily basis are trying to find answers for erectile dysfunction and thank god this web site provides a real natural solution.
Imperial Gold Maca
It has become a world wide success story with thousands of successful and happy users. See Testimonials         

More extensive information about male problems is available in the current issue of the current male menopause report Click Here to read more about sexual impotence, loss of interest and many more topics. You can also read about what causes an erection here  
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In the United States our return to plant-based medicines has been slow but steady. Our health care system can no longer financially support illness. We must continue to find natural substances that nourish our bodies, and raise our levels of immunity. It is hoped that this website will be a health guide for you as well as a resource for the latest information on medicinal plants and clinical studies. The herb maca is a major scientific breakthrough for health and well being for men and women.

ALERT:  True medicinal plants grow naturally and are available through harvesting and old fashioned farming. In the last few years the term STANDARDIZED has come into the botanical market place, which is the laboratory version of herbs.
We at A Healthy Alternative, LLC believe that pharmaceutical quality just doesn't agree with our all natural philosophy,  We use only the finest and best premium quality organic MACA root, and that is why
Imperial Gold Macais so popular and effective. Just ask our customers who have tried other brands and came loyally back to Imperial Gold Maca See testimonials. How about what doctors say about Maca use.

Imperial Gold Maca™ is Analyzed in, Peru and is one of the only companies on the internet that has this great privilege to have the finest potent Maca products available.

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