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What To Expect When Taking  Imperial Gold Maca!


If Its Not Imperial Gold Maca™
Its Just Not Maca!

The # 1 Most Effective Natural Herb Product World Wide!
Sold To Customers In More Than 40 Countries
100% Natural Premium Quality Hand Picked Maca Root's

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Maca Has Been Used By Men For: 
Energy, Stamina, Athletic Performance, Impotence, Fertility Enhancement, Aphrodisiac Qualities, Male Menopause, Erectile Dysfunction, Hormone Balancing and Increased Testosterone Levels

Maca Has Been Used By Women For:
Menopause Symptoms, Hot Flashes, Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT), Hormone Balancing, Fertility Enhancement, Sexual Stimulation, Perimenopause, Fatigue, Stamina, Athletic Performance and PMS Associated Problems.

Understanding Menopause, Androgens & Testosterone


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How Much Imperial Gold Maca™Do I Need?

You will notice that each capsule of  Imperial Gold Maca
™ contains 600mg. of 100% premium quality organic MACA Root That is produced at our own production facility in, Peru and is considered the most potent of this species of Maca because we use only the species Lipidium Peruvianum Chacon. (Named after the discover Dr. Gloria Chacon)

The usual amount used by men and women is usually a maximum daily dose. (3-8 Capsules daily) or half - one full teaspoon of powder daily. Imperial Gold Maca™ is classified as a food and does not have restrictions to size of dose nor are there any known negative side effects. 

These are suggestions that have shown to be most effective. Twice daily 3-4 for capsules or  1/4 - 1 teaspoon twice daily is very effective and has no known side effects. One teaspoon is the same as taking 6 capsules and is very economical in bulk powder form.
Bulk Powder Continuous use for 90 days and stop for 30 days off for best results, then start the cycle again.

It is interesting that the beneficial effects of
Imperial Gold Maca
™ accumulate with use.

Very often the amount of Imperial Gold Maca™ required to eliminate hot flashes, increase energy or maintain a healthy state of balance decreases over time. For example, a woman using a beginning amount of 5 capsules a day to eliminate hot flashes may find that after 1-2 weeks she only needs 2-3 capsules to achieve the same results. Men respond best when taken over a one - two week span, can notice a greater sexual stimulation and interest as well as well as the above listed benefits.
Hot Flashes  

What About The Powder Form Of Imperial Gold Maca

The powder form may be mixed in water, or almost any other beverage. MACA mixed in protein drinks is an excellent tasting drink. Imperial Gold Maca™ powder also makes a pleasant, earthy-tasting tea when mixed in boiled water and steeped for 5 minutes. Imperial Gold Maca™ is ideal with apple sauce and yogurt. It mixes easily with any beverage and has a delicious taste of it's own. The powder is excellent in protein drinks and ideal just before athletic activity. b A favorite is mixed in a protein drink and adding a banana or other fruit. Bulk packages are available at very reasonable prices. Bulk Products

Imperial Gold Maca
™ is a food and may be taken with or without a meal. Those using Imperial Gold MACA™ find that the most convenient time to take it is in the morning when they wake up.  A Healthy Alternative, LLC suggests taking  either all at once or in divided amounts. Because Imperial Gold Maca™ does have a subtle energizing effect, we suggest taking
Imperial Gold Maca™ before 8: 00 pm. in order to avoid disturbing your sleep. Body builders and athletes perform much better when taking Imperial Gold Maca™ one hour before exercising. Increased stamina and energy has been noted frequently. Allowing Imperial Gold Maca™ to build in the body improves the overall effects. Being consistent and taking Imperial Gold Maca™ daily for several weeks amazes people. Energy and stamina improve dramatically with continued use.

What About Side Effects?

There are no known side effects with
Imperial Gold Maca™. Occasionally a woman may develop breast tenderness – this is simply a signal to reduce the amount of Imperial Gold Maca™ being used. It is also not advisable to take Imperial Gold Maca™ late at night, as this may create energy, and keep you from getting a restful nights sleep. Men report increased stimulation if taken late at night. 

Benefits For Men:
Have been documented by clinical trials that have shown significant increases in testosterone levels and improved sexual function.
Male Menopause-What Is It? A copy of these studies are available by requesting them at imperialgoldmaca@aol.com

What Other Changes Can I Expect While Using MACA?

Men and women report increased energy levels, increased ability to function under stress, and increased libido. Women report a decrease in the problems associated with PMS, menopause and peri-menopause. Men report increased libido function and stamina often. A man's sexual appetite & potency increases with continued use as does a women's.
Women have been using Imperial Gold Maca very successfully for HRT, thyroidal condition, Fibromyalgia and PMS and report amazing results. See Testimonials 

Women experiencing the irregular menses associated with perimenopause usually experience changes in their periods such as fewer cramps, a gradual decrease in bleeding and less fatigue. These wonderful effects accumulate with prolonged use of
Imperial Gold Maca™ and hormonal balance is more easily achieved. See Women's Health  also read about SuperFem an all natural formula for women. This works very well with Imperial Gold Maca™.

What About Using MACA For Fertility?

MACA has been used for centuries in South America for fertility. In the United States men and women who have had difficulty conceiving are beginning to report pregnancies after using Imperial Gold Maca™. 
See Female Fertility    See Male Fertility

We recommend both partners (male/female) to be using Imperial Gold Maca™ while working on conception. The usual amount taken for fertility is between 2400mg. and 3300mg. daily. Women usually stop taking
Imperial Gold Maca™ when pregnancy is discovered and resume Imperial Gold Maca™ if they are breast-feeding to increase milk production. Read more about infertility here.

It is important to remember that
Imperial Gold Maca™ is NOT a hormone. Imperial Gold Maca™ is a food that nourishes the hormonal system to maintain optimal balance and health. And Works Through The Hypothalamus & Pituitary Gland To Help Balance The Endocrine Glands.  
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Do I Need To Take Other Vitamins And Minerals With MACA?

Our advisory board of MD’s, RN’s and  nutritionists suggest taking a good multivitamin, Vitamin E 800IU’s and Vitamin C at least 2,000mg. a day. This is a generic recommendation and should not replace recommendations made by your own health care practitioner and should not be used if you have any contraindications to the above vitamin suggestions. Multivitamins does help the body in many ways and it is a good idea to check with your health practitioner as to the amount best for you. Vitamin and Minerals Use     Important Vitamins and Herbs   Nutra Femin For Woman Eases Menopause Symptoms

Imperial Gold Maca
™ contains large amounts of vitamins and minerals and can be enhanced by multivitamins. MACA was originally studied by Dr. Chacon because of it’s ability to ward off malnutrition in the poorer regions of Peru. Imperial Gold Maca™ is especially high in calcium and magnesium and has proven to be successful in promoting healthy bone formation. It is pure maca root that is produced at our own faciliities in, Peru, and is superior in every way to most other maca species and is grown on our own organicly maintained land. Many brand names are sold, so be certain that it is produced at standards  that are no less than the National University of Agriculture to assure that you have a potent all natural true maca product. Ask for proof and supporting documentation so you aren't fooled by web marketers who are only interested in your money and not high quality product. National University Maca Root  Free Maca Sample Deal


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